Hazardous Materials

Many types of hazardous substances including radioactive materials are shipped daily across the state. Emergency Management Centers (EMC) and fire departments maintain information concerning extremely hazardous and radioactive materials that are stored, used or manufactured in the area. Accordingly, facility emergency planners should coordinate with these officials.

Warning of a hazardous or radioactive material incident is usually received from the fire or police department or the EMC when such an incident occurs close to or on facility property.

Determine whether it is safer to shelter occupants or to evacuate the facility based upon guidance from officials if it is available.
If it’s necessary to evacuate the area, move crosswind; never directly into or against the wind which may be carrying fumes. Upon reaching a point of safety, take a roll call.
Occupants must not return until the emergency services personnel have declared the area to be safe.

Adapted from the Day Care Facilities Emergency Planning Guide prepared by the Bureau of Plans, Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency and information from the FEMA website.