Winter STorms

The dangers of winter storms are the intense cold, snow, ice, breakdown of transportation due to road conditions and disruption of electrical power. These conditions may incapacitate an area, making transportation difficult and disrupting utility service.

Snow and ice storm watches and warnings are issued by the NWS. When such weather threatens, monitor a local radio/TV station for bulletins.

Establish procedures for securing the facility against damage to utilities (frozen water pipes, etc.)
Prepare the facilities vehicles for emergency travel on ice and snow (tire chains, etc.)
Check emergency and alternate utility sources. Possibly the greatest hazard in severe weather is the loss of electrical power and thus heat and light. You may want to have a gas-powered generator or an alternate source of heat.
Prepare to extend operations in case parents cannot travel to pick up their children.

Conserve utilities by maintaining the lowest temperature consistent with health needs.
Take pre-determined measures to secure the facility against storm damage, prevent bursting pipes, etc.

Adapted from the Day Care Facilities Emergency Planning Guide prepared by the Bureau of Plans, Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency, and information from the FEMA website.